Van den Berg Genealogy / Genealogie Van den Berg


Die doel van hierdie bladsye is om inligting bymekaar te maak oor die Van den Berg Familie in Suid Afrika. Dit is die doelwit om 'n volledige databasis op te bou van alle van den Bergs in Suid Afrika. Enige bydraes en regstellings sal waardeer word.


The intention of these pages is to gather information about the Van den Berg Family in South Africa. It is the idea to provide for all van den Bergs in South Africa. Any contributions and or corrections would be appreciated.


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bulletOrigin of the van den Berg Family
bulletVan den Berg Families in South Africa
bulletOther van den Bergs mentioned in SA history (Afrikaans only)
bulletAncestor map
bulletIndex of Persons
bulletIndex of Surnames
bulletSouth Africans in Argentine
bulletOther van den Bergs in the World
bulletMore about myself
bulletAncestral list of my daughter. (Please note this page is extremly long with quite a lot of photos.))
bulletThe Visagie and Yselle Families (Afrikaans Only)

Berg Coat Of Arms

The symbols in the Berg family crest and arms are numerous, but three common ones are the mountain, lion, and eagle.

The mount (also known as a hillock) is the area at the base of the shield and when so described is almost always green, and somewhere that another charge is placed, to appear more realistic, or give it a specific relationship to other charges around it. Indeed, unlike like most of the flat, geometric shapes used to divide the field of the shield, the mount may be drawn with tufts of grass and a distinct slope!

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