I was born on 12 March 1957 in a hospital at a mission called Elim in the Louis Trichardt district. 

I inherited the name Samuel from my great-grandmother, Theodora Liversage's grandfather. 

He was an 1820 Settler, leader of the Staffordshire party that arrived on the ship "John" in Table Bay on 19 April 1820. 

His age was given as 30 years. His wife was listed as Ann 35 years and according to the records she died during the voyage at sea. 

Three children, Elizabeth 8, Ann 6 and Cathrine 3 were listed. Samuel later married the children's governess Harriet Bond in 1820. 

My father is also a Samuel van den Berg and my mother is Aletta Sophia Visagie

In 1978 I married Esther Jacoba du Preez daughter of Jacob Wouter Du Preez and Susanna Johanna Wentzel. 

My daughter Suzaan Alicia's names came from her two grandmothers. My mother's grandparents were "bittereinders" who decided not to live under the British flag after the Anglo Boer War and emigrated to Argentine. My mother was born in Comodoro Rivadavia. When my grandfather registered her birth, her name was recorded as Alicia instead of Aletta being the Spanish version. From there the name Alicia for my daughter. Read more about the "Boere of Pategonia." and my Visagie ancestors elsewhere on the site. (Afrikaans only.)

On the right is a photo of three generations Samuel van den Berg.

From left to right Sam (myself) my father Sampie, my Cousin Sampie or Vaal Samp, in the front Cousin Sampie and Cousin Sam. Talk of confusion at family re-unions. Sadly only one next generation Samuel van den Berg was born.

My interest in genealogy is focussed on the abovementioned surnames although I would like to learn more about the families of my grandmothers, Johanna Petronella Jansen van Vuuren, and Susanna Maria Crous. 

If you want to know more email me.






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